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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My view on online dating

I like online dating, meeting new friends that I have never met face-to-face. In fact, I prefer it over meeting a guy in person. Why? Because I think I get way more chances online. In real life, I probably scare guys away with my 'towering' 170cm and 'massive' 80kg frame. Anyway, I get passed by, a lot. There is always way more fish in the sea. Prettier, skinnier fish. With perfect hair and make-up.

Previously, I had met a few online strangers by way of Facebook. Applications like 'Compare Hotness' and 'Are You Interested' has been instrumental in finding me mutually interested guys. Some I remained FB friends with and one actually became a very good friend and confidant, in spite of the distance. But then, I am very good with long distance relationships, my history says so. However, there was one guy who so disappointed me, by making arrangements to meet when I was in KL last December and then bailing at the last minute with all kinds of excuses :-( something about having loads of problems, and not wanting to start a relationship with someone so far away and blah blah). Hello? All I wanted was coffee and a chance to talk face to face to clear up some mystery... not a marriage proposal?

I guess I find more success with online dating because first, I get judged by my pictures which say 'I am a sweet lady' and no one can see me waist down ;-) Plus, I like the fact that I am able to portray myself as the way I am, through my thoughts and feelings which I can show very well through writing and not being judged solely based on my looks.

It was only sometime before Christmas last year that I suddenly got the urge to sign up with an actual online dating website, after seeing an advertisement for iDate on FB that kept asking "Want a romantic Mat Salleh to sweep you off your feet?", with a picture of an irresistably cute but geeky bespectacled man on it. So, out of curiousity, I clicked on the advertisement, because YES, I do want to be romanced by Mat Salleh men :-p Why Mat Salleh men? Because from past experiences, I find them way better at being gentlemen, or maybe it is just that I can relate better with them. And oh, I found that the bespectacled geeky guy was actually a real guy, also one of the iDaters. He is sweet and nice, but so in a Love Guru way, dispensing love advice in a way you know he can't be interested in you.

But the good news is, I finally got a chance to meet a guy I met online in the flesh :) And lucky me, a really nice and decent guy, not a psycho like in all those horror stories your mum feeds to you. I am so glad my first experience turned out great, but I don't know, will I ever really find the 'One' through these means? Only time will tell, and I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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