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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If I were rich - my wishlist

Money money money....!!

Okay... so I am going to whine just a little bit today :-p everyone needs to feel sorry for themselves, once in a while, right? Well, here is my major whine - I wish to have more money, especially for SHOPPING!!!

What girl doesn't want to look her prettiest? Looking pretty often equates to better self-esteem, and when you have self-esteem.... well, you have loads of confidence to tackle your problems head-on ;-) My dream would be to walk into a shop and buy anything I wanted, right there and then, without worrying about the price tag. Just whether or not it looks good on me. Ahhh... bliss...!

I guess I have the added problem of my money is not just for me alone. While I am hankering for that new pair of shoes that I saw on the 50% sale the other day, my daughter has her own wish-list too. New clothes that she wants, and unfortunately......will reduce the weight of my purse as well.

As a result, I am quite a fan of eBay, because I am able to buy clothes at a much cheaper price... and depending where I source my items, they have my size! :-D plus other stuff that might not be available in Malaysia.

And so... lets say if I ever manage to accumulate my first million, there are a few things on my wishlist ;-) (Just what I dream of having for now....)



1. DKNY Be Delicious - Fresh Blossom
2. Handbag. Actually I found selecting a bag a bit difficult as there aren't many styles that I found appealing

3. A whole set of exercise gear ;-p
4. New shoes, the quality ones, like Hush Puppies, Clarks....

5. A new watch. I have yet to find a replacement for my favourite Adidas time-peice that I bought myself for my 18th birthday

6. Nice work attire
7. Designer sunglasses... yeah, I dream!

8. A little bling-bling always makes me happy :-p

9. Of course, looking chic every day would be really nice. Nice hair, nice make-up, nice clothes.....

This is in no way a complete list of my wishes :-p Just things that I can think for now, and things that I can adorn myself with. If it would have been a real complete list, then things like dream kitchen, dream house, dream vacation would all be in it ;-)

Oh well.... back to day dreaming ;-)

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