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Monday, October 17, 2011

Fiesta Feminista 2011

Already it is the middle of October, and just a little over a month before an exciting event happening here in KK! An event for people all over Malaysia to air their views on feminism, human rights and democracy in Malaysia.

I never really actually considered myself as a feminist, until last year when I decided to organise a White Ribbon Day awareness campaign. That was when I realised my true passion.

Well, I am not about the small (petty) stuff, like who pays on a date, or who does the household chores, but rather I am concerned about the way society views women in Malaysia. I am concerned about the way women view themselves. As only second to their *koff koff* better halves.

Examples? There seem to be so much emphasis on women having to need to be with a man. How they MUST get married to someone who is rich. Or they beg their loser husbands who cheated on them / never paid a single cent for their and their children's welfare to come back. I think that is a load of crap, honestly. First of all, I believe that a woman should learn to be independent, to take care of herself first, be self-sufficient and to know her rights. Ok... I admit, I even can't stand women who behaves like they need a man to survive. But I am not one to simply just say things based on what I think and just read.

I know. I have learnt all that the hard way.

Life is not fair, especially for women, and not in Malaysia. I mean, just look at the way society perceives young ladies who are pregnant. Filthy words are said of them, while the other responsible party goes off scot-free. Just give them a pat on the back for being fertile and a 'real man'. Excuses are given for men who rape, because scantily clad women are around all the time. Seriously??

Once upon a time, I was an innocent young lady, with ideals. Now that life has dealt me a couple of blows, I do tend to look at things and magnify then small details. I am not saying I have lost faith in the few good men out there, but I have developed a more wary and suspicious approach. Like most women, I dream of one day being swept off feet by prince charming and live my happily ever after.

But in the meantime... I battle for women's rights. I was so happy and proud to be invited by SAWO to be part of the working group for Fiesta Feminista in KK for mobilisation.

Fiesta Feminista is

· an initiative by the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) a coalition of progressive women’s organisations in Malaysia. In the group are:

• All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
• Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower)
• Perak Women for Women (PWW)
• Sabah Women’s Action-Resource Group (SAWO)
• Sisters in Islam (SIS)
• Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)
• Women’s Centre for Change (WCC)

· a regular event that happens once every 3-4 years 

· a process of learning about and advocating for issues of feminism, human rights, and democracy in Malaysia

· a platform for people of all classes, ages, ethnicities, beliefs, gender identities and sexual orientations, locations, and abilities

· a safe space where thinking out loud is respected and where people can engage each other on fair, equal, and non-violent terms

The 3 objectives of Fiesta Feminista:-

• To forefront and popularise feminism in Malaysia so that anyone who has an interest in learning more about and taking action against social inequalities, particularly gender inequality, has an avenue to do so.

• To bring together diverse groups of people, marginalised women in particular, to discuss, exchange ideas, analyse, and strategise around issues of feminism, human rights, and democracy in Malaysia.

• To create a space that encourages the participation and empowerment of new advocates in the Malaysian women’s movement.

FF 2011 begins on the International Day Against Violence Against Women which also marks the start of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (November 25-December 10). And I, as co-organising chairperson on behalf of JCI Intan, together with Green Leaf Theatre House will be continuing the fight with our own initiative, "12:12", which is about raising awareness through performing arts from 12pm to 12am on 17th December! 

As FF 2011 is run by non-profit organisations, funds are very much needed. And one of the things they have done is to create their own cute button-pins, as per the picture above. I have just sold all 20 of my stock (RM2 each), thanks to my colleagues and JCIM 14th Academy mates :-D

If you are interested in attending or being a volunteer, just send me a message! The events are due to be held on 25th-27th November, at Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu!

Oh, before I forget... all programmes in the event will be run in BM.

See you there!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A birthday to remember...

What do you do when you find yourself knee-deep in s**t?

I never  thought that I would be one of those tech-savvy people who has the latest gadgets on hand. I have always been quite happy buying 2nd hand phones long after their initial popularity has faded. In other words - obsolete. As long as I could use it to make calls, send SMS..... that was the main priority for me

Until I got my first smartphone... the HTC Desire.

My beautiful HTC Desire came to me as a birthday gift. In an instant, I was transformed from someone with really blah technical status to techno geek! I started to be constantly on email, Google talk and Facebook 24-7. You can't help it, you bring the internet with you when you have a smartphone. It is an evil that loves to drain your time :-O It is hard not to peek whenever your phone gives that ominous beep.

 It has turned into a love affair ;-) SERIOUSLY. Why? Because it the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and the last that I see at night. Oh yeah, I am happy!! I LOOOOOOVE Android and all its applications.

Then S*** happened.

One Friday afternoon I decided to take a break from my usual routine. Really, it is so boring to sit at work during the lunch hour. Sure, there is a mall, like a stone's throw away... but I need something to refresh my mind. So I drove to the next nicest place - the airport.

After a yummy lunch, I decided to visit the ladies room. I have to say, I am really really disappointed with the level of cleanliness that the ladies room in the arrival hall has succumbed to. It was really stinky, sticky... ewwwww!! What is it with Malaysian toilet culture anyway?? Is it time for toilet training lessons for the masses??

Anyway, back to the story... I was going to use the toilet cubicle, but upon noticing that the cover was closed, I decided to put my phone down on some surface (darn, where is that shelf that is supposed to be in the cubicle?? oh, for some reason I didn't bring my bag with me), and the tissue holder was the only place that seems to fit the requirement. Bad choice.


That was the sound of my phone falling into the now open toilet bowl, followed by a series of expletives from me. Eww eww eww.... it is in a toilet! Is it clean???

I have to say I must have lady luck on my side, because I didn't do the first thing that you are supposed to do when your phone is submerged in water - which is to take the battery out ASAP. That thought didn't occur to me, I would rather clean off the phone and hold it under the hand dryer. Oops!

Well, thinking all was grand again after the initial shock, I decided to walk out, have an ice-cream... And drive back to work. Almost forgotten for a bit about the phone's mishap, I tried to unlock it. Touchscreen is not working. Damn! Then screen says  'Android is shutting down'.

OH NO!!!!

Some of the circuits must have fizzled out! So back to my initial question.

What do you do when you find yourself knee-deep in s**t?

Pre-cyber era,  the answer would probably be - Go ballistic, scream and cry your heart out to feel better. Then go buy new phone.

Today, I would say you are nuts, no way am I going to buy a new phone! Don't you know it costs a fortune? Besides, no other phone is going to work for me now. I have been spoilt with Android technology ;-)

So the solution? Just go calmly to your computer, and Google the answer.

Oh, by the way, upon seeing my phone die before my eyes, only then I took out the battery (to note the sticker on the battery had turned a rosy red to show water damage) as well as the SIM and SD cards. 

Google search results show that such accidents are a very common occurrence. Hahaha! And search results are full of helpful suggestions on to how to save your phone. The most important thing is to ensure that your phone is fully dry when you power it on again. Even if it means leaving your phone to rest for like 72 hours...

So how do you ensure that your phone is dry? A summary of answers found:-

1. Take everything out of your phone. Dry with towels, tissues, etc
2. Use a hairdryer to dry your phone, especially blowing into any holes to air the insides of the phone
3. An approach favored by many? Bury your phone in rice and leave it there for at least 48 hours.
4. Put your phone in a fridge. The fridge's dry air will pull out any moisture in your phone.
3. Give your phone an alcohol bath (ummm... nope. Don't think I will do that!)

Because I was at work at that time, and for a good 3-4 hours before I would reach home, I decided to try and dry my phone using the heat vent on my laptop. Well... I saw the condensation forming inside the screen of my phone when I did that. Horror! 

But the information on Google kept me calm. I mean, I don't think I fried any of the electrical components in the phone, because I didn't attempt to power it back on after I saw it shut down. And I didn't use the phone after it got wet. So I was pretty confident it will all turn out well.

The moment I got home, I did all of steps 2-4. With all the components taken out, I dried it using a hairdryer, put it in a fridge for an hour... By that time I saw that the condensation on my screen had disappeared. But to be doubly sure, I buried the phone, with its component parts in rice, covered it up and left it overnight. Uncooked rice is supposed to absorb all moisture. To be even more sure, I found some silica gel packs and threw it into the container as well.

I am happy to announce that my patience, dedication and hardwork in nursing my phone back to health worked! I didn't wait 36 hours. The next day, in the afternoon, I just looked at my phone and was pretty sure that it was perfectly dry. So I put everything back in and powered it up. Voila!! IT'S ALIVE!!!

Well, initially during the start-up some funny things happen. Like everything was as it was, except for the date and time. It said 1 January 1980. And time 7.30am. But that soon changed after the second power-up when it synced to DiGi. 

This is day 3 since the day and everything is still good like nothing happened. Apps still working like they should, especially TweetDeck and Angry Birds, hehehehe.... I still love my phone.

I had a funny feeling, so I checked back on my Facebook a photo I posted when I first got my Desire. It was 1 October 2010, and the accident happened on 30 September 2011, phone revived 1 October 2011. LOL!! What a coincidence!!!

Well, Happy Birthday my dear HTC Desire :-D


Monday, October 3, 2011

A story about 2 kittens

It's funny how a little thing can often make big changes to our lives. A tiny kitten can just turn a whole household in a frenzy with the slightest meow.

Joy's picture as posted by SPCA KK adoption page in August 2011

It's been a while since I had a kitten. The last time I had kittens to take care of were when I was still living alone in an apartment in Labuan, needing more company to fill up its empty spaces. Oreo, once of those kittens, is now a big healthy cat that enjoys sleeping on my chest, or ripping forgotten papers on the floor.

I didn't really think about adopting any more pets, especially since I didn't have as much free time as I used to. Plus, Oreo really was all that I needed. But after reading about an adoption drive for cats / kittens by SPCA KK, I couldn't resist just having a look.

The cattery was in a block of old, seemingly abandoned, buildings in the compound of the Sabah Golf & Country Club. At first I thought it was a mistake, but as we stepped out onto the soil, we noticed a large number of cats roaming around. One of the volunteers showed us around and introduced us to a number of cats and kittens for adoption. The cats and kittens seemed very clean, healthy, happy and well-fed, except for a few that seemed a little under the weather and separated from the rest.

Visiting a pet shelter was similar to an orphanage in that the kittens seem to sense that we, the newcomers, just might take them and give them a new home. So they came over seeking a little attention and love. So much affection was showered on the visitors to their home. I really didn't have the heart to choose either one and refuse the rest, so I left the selection process to  my nephew and niece who were there as well. In the end, my nephew chose Joy, a little grey tabby male kitten. 
Joy arrived the next day after the paperwork was done. I had planned on having a nice relaxing lunch with an old friend that day, but seeing as a kitten was about to arive, I decided that it was too difficult to stay out too long.

Joy was indeed like his namesake. He seemed like a very very happy kitten, and was constantly purring and greeting every one in the room. It was like he was trying to show how grateful he was to have been chosen to stay with us. And indeed, he was greatly loved.

But our happiness in adopting this small kitten was short-lived. Four days later, Joy had lost his appetite, vomiting water and became listless. He just wouldn't do anything but sit quietly, all curled up.

The next day he was taken to the vet in the hopes of making him feel better, but the vet said that Joy has been infected with a virus, which he has been carrying for a while, and so there was really no hope for him.

But in spite of knowing, we decided to just to try whatever that can be done, so he was given some medical treatment and brought home. But it does not seem like Joy wanted us to keep trying. He refused the glucose shots, no matter what we did.
Joy lasted for 4 days.

It was very sad. We came home from a walk in the park, and I noticed Joy's eyes open in a wide-eyed stare, but he was breathing. I talked to him, he moved his paws against my hand as if trying to get up... and then he was gone.

Twiggy was keeping Joy company while he was sick

I messaged the people at SPCA KK to tell them what happened and they said that they had lost many kittens too from the virus outbreak. I do not blame them, as similar virus outbreak in SPCAs in UK has happened. I just take comfort in the fact that Joy, in his short life, had the privilege of being adopted, being loved and was in the care of a loving family when he died.

A few days later.... a strange thing happened. Just as we were mourning the death of Joy, came another kitten literally on our doorstep one night and made herself at home. Looking at her, she is the same age as Joy, healthy and with a shiny coat of fur. Where did she come from?

I guess the universe has a way of working things out. Maybe this cat is here to mend our broken hearts.

.We named her Raven

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