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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food Review: I-Lotus Restaurant, Kepayan Point

I had the pleasure of being invited to try out, with a few other bloggers, the newest Chinese restaurant in town. Just very recently opened in Kepayan Point, a new block of shops along the Penampang bypass, I-Lotus Restaurant made its very first debut in Brunei in 2004.

With nine years track record, the restaurant operates with one mission in mind - to serve quality cuisine to its patrons. In Kota Kinabalu, their Chef and his team is committed to ensure only the freshest live seafood is served, prepared using the finest of ingredients. I-Lotus (Brunei) was featured as one of Asia's finest restaurants in the 2009/2010 edition of the Miele Guide, Asia's first truly independent and authoritative restaurant guide.

I was slightly late when I arrived at the restaurant - the food had arrived, and the bloggers & invited guests were just sitting around and were kind enough to wait for me (oops!) to snap some pictures of the food before we all started digging in. 

My ultimate favourite was the I-Lotus Special Coconut Prawn, a savoury spicy curry with shrimp served in a coconut shell as a bowl, and accompanied by a few cripy cuts of mantau bread bun. The taste of the spices was very pleasing and satisfying, yet not too hot for the tastebuds. I enjoyed it very much, save for the fear that the shrimp on my plate may decide to fly to someone else's plate while I was dissecting it from its shell.

Even today, I'm still thinking about the yummyness of the dish. Mmmm.........

We were also served with the I-Lotus Chili Crab - satisfyingly seasoned, and who doesn't love crab in a shell?? Fingers recommended.... and the use of a gleaming nutcracker tool to smash the difficult parts, and helpfully provided on the side.

The Thai Mango fish is another favourite.... fish is deep fried and covered in helpings of shredded sweet, tangy mango mix.

For the salad, we were served with Papaya Salad, which I first mistook for more mango. It is a savoury, rather than actually sweet, and is crisp and tangy. Topped with succulent prawns and crunchy roasted peanuts, this makes a flavorful and appetizing dish.

For dessert, we were given a plate full of Yam Sago pudding, a sweet finish to a wonderful lunch.

The dishes were mainly priced as follows:-

Small (for 2-4 persons) ranges around RM15 - RM18
Medium (for 5-7 persons) ranges around RM25 - RM30

The location was also not too difficult to find - it is located just at the entrance to Kepayan Point, which is just opposite the road from the block of shops with CKS Millenium. At the moment they also have a banner up, which can easily be seen from the road.

So... have a hankering for Curry Prawn? Details are as follows:-

I-Lotus Seafood Restaurant
Block C, Lot 13, Ground Floor,
Kepayan Point Shoplots,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.
Tel: 088-723115

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  1. Some additions to note:
    1. Fish & crab are priced according to weight & market price
    2. It is a pork-free seafood restaurant


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