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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Dive Trip To Look Forward To!

Birthdays are so much more fun when we spend it doing things that we love and with our friends.

This is why being a scuba diver is awesome. How many people do you know have the option of celebrating their birthday under the sea?

This month we are celebrating the birthdays of 2 of our precious friends! :-) Nothing like the feeling of "singing" underwater and cutting "cake" while being observed by our little fishy friends...

This is me, btw, holding a "cake" while Ryan, Majoree & Chester "sings" me a birthday song underwater. I am assuming they are. LOL
The photo above was taken during a dive trip that I made with friends for my birthday in August 2012. My friend Majoree made the "cake" and we had fun making that photo, but my friend Jan is a little sore because at that time she wasn't able to join our group as she did not have her licence yet and had to join in the Discover Scuba Dive group instead.

And because it was SO much fun, we want to do it again! And yes, this time Jan has a licence to dive ;-) and we have a bigger group!!

Dive Downbelow was so kind enough to give me great rates for this trip (3 dives!), with a free 1-year membership for the KK Diving Club! Having this membership means special discounts for dive equipment and special rates for diving trips, and the membership normally costs RM150.00 per year.

So yeah, we're lucky!!

I've particularly enjoyed using their services before, having done my Advanced Open Water certification with them. 

Can't wait!

Catch you Downbelow, soon!!!


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